The Difference Between A Sissy And A Cross Dresser

There is a whale of a difference between the Cross Dressers and the sissies. Many people might think that the two are more or less the same the fact is that the difference between the two although not quite obvious is definitely there. All that is needed is some empathizing with the men who are Cross Dressers or are sissies.

The Definition of A Sissy

In the literal sense of the term a Sissy is a male who loves to be identified as a Sissy. Men who are sissies do not take offense in being called a Sissy. In fact they loved being identified as a Sissy. They love to be feminized. They just do not want to dress like females but they also want to act like one. It is not that they lack any self esteem but rather they have just opted to be a Sissy. They are proud of being a Sissy. They are males who love to be submissive, obedient and feminine.

The Sissies And The Femdom

Being a Sissy is how they feel on the inside. Sissies know that they are sissies right from an early age and do not feel bad when being addressed as such. In fact they want to be known as sissies. They are males who are submissive to their mistress. They might have a mistress who is living with them and they want to be as obedient to her as possible. They are proud to obey their mistress. They love to be identified as a Sissy as they clean the house and wear Sissy maid clothes. They may put on their frilly silk panties and feel Sissy. But the mood could change once they take off their panties.

Some Cross Dressers might consider themselves as a Sissy and are completely fine with the term. Many of them might just have a fantasy to be a Sissy and might not be acting like that in their daily life. It is just that their desire to be dominated by a mistress. They might be having a family, a job and a wife but deep down they have this desire to act Sissy. They might call a phone sex line and act out their Sissy desires to a mistress. They just have this urge to be dominated, guided and trained by a strict mistress. The fantasy might just end there with the phone call. Once the call is over they go back to their normal lives.

There are also the everyday sissies who just want to be dominated. While on work they might have to wear men’s clothes but the moment they are back they prance around the house like a Sissy and love every moment of it. They just want to be Sissy and want to be known as such. They might be living with their mistress who could be their wife or not. They would do anything to obey and please their mistress. They may be bisexual and prefer a male over a female. There is no specific sexual preference for them.

There is no one reason behind a male desiring to wear women’s lingerie. The explanation could go on and on depending upon who is being talked about.

There are Cross Dressers who do not like being called a Sissy. They might love wearing women’s clothes but do not want to be known as a Sissy. When they dress they are women. But they feel like strong, independent women who has no desire to be dominated by any mistress or for that matter by anybody. When they are dressed as a man they consider themselves to be men but only until they put their panties on.

To Each Their Own

Some are comfortable with the term Sissy and some are not. It not appropriate to call Cross Dressers Sissy until they tell you upfront. Otherwise you just might end hurting their feelings. If they tell you that they are Sissy and love being called such then you can tell them how good Sissy they are. Many of them might like to go for some serious Sissy training.