TEASE & DENIAL SESSION – PT 3 (written by the lucky sub)

While I was getting a little bit of myself back about two minutes after the cage was removed something new got attached to my lower part. I later found out it was something from the ErosTek 312.

CG must have been concerned about my senses as she asked several times if I’d feel anything which I replied no, not yet. Suddenly I screamed out loud all as a huge jolt of electricity shot through part of me.

She explains to me that she drove up the setting very high, abnormally high, because I couldn’t feel anything…. I had no idea why, but I think it was all this extensive skin to steel cage contact that must have slightly numbed me.

She was extremely skilled and accommodating during that phase of the play trying to make up for the previous torment. She made the machine go through different sequences with low and high intervals. It was a nice ride ..the current travels up your penis and almost all the way around the head . Over and over again, trying to get me going and it was working. However, by this time, although I felt like I should be dripping, at this point I felt I was pretty much dried up.

She removed the electrodes after about 10 minutes or so when I heard a machine coming on next to me. She told me that this was the “milker” and I feel this sleeve being pushed over my semi erect penis …. I tell you it took maybe 5 seconds before I came. (Although she told me that this is not common.)

That was pretty much the end. She removed the restraints and I got changed. As I was leaving she asked if I was okay and offered me water or Gatorade. I told her I felt great although I did feel a little out of it. She told me that I was feeling “subspace”. First time I had ever experienced it in all my years of play.

I thanked her for the amazing experience and told her I can’t wait to see her again.