TEASE & DENIAL SESSION – PT 2 (written by the lucky sub)

C.G stepped close to me and put a blindfold on that felt of very high-end leather with an extra thick layer over my eyes. I didn’t make anything of that at the time. There wasn’t much verbal interaction between both of us either; almost like a calmness in the room but not for too long.

I felt her body presence behind me and her fingers touching my sensitive nipples in a very caressing way that created an instant trust and connection between us. She has undoubtedly worked on that technique for a while to bring it to perfection. Enjoying her nipple play and running her nails over my exposed body in an erroneous way I hardly noticed that the cage was now extremely tight as I swelled.

However, she noticed and replaced her hand with some sort of a low to medium speed vibration toy that she started to tease me with. Suddenly I got so aroused and wanted to cum so badly but because of the cage was unable. The hips started to move back and forth in a jerking motion and my head felt like exploding while at the same time some primeval moans were being exhausted through my voice box. I couldn’t get it finished…

I don’t even know if she stopped teasing as my mind was somewhere else. All I noticed was a still moment and it felt as if she had left the room for a moment, but I was wrong. She was there rubbing a lotion or something on to my stiff breast nipples. I had no idea what for at the time but not a second later she pinched my nipples so hard that for the second time I wanted to explode and was gasping for air. I heard her giggling at my body’s reaction. A moment later a high-speed vibration tool started pretty much the same pathway over my body as the low speed one did before, driving me insane. As I felt the next orgasm building I felt a huge pressure in my head, my heart pumping, body jerking. or as much as it could despite the plastic wrap. I was trying to break through the cage to find an opening for the built-up steam to release but… to no avail.

All I wanted was to finish it. My emotions were so high, and the adrenaline was rushing through my body like a wild fire. My head was hanging slightly forward from physical exhaustion during a moment of much disappointment for another ruined orgasm. She continued and I thought I would seriously burst that frickin cage. I was so hard now for who knows how long as I had lost all sense of time. I could feel the cage rising almost straight up to my belly button.

A fast and extremely tight squeeze of both nipples at that moment created such a pressure in my reproductive bodily parts, that the pressure rushed through my whole body like another explosion trying to take the top of my head off with vibrations all over me including extremely fast breathing and the usual jerks… my mouth being wiped totally dry from the constant gasping.

But again, nothing. My head dangling forward, completely exhausted, she started again.

I can’t put in to words the relieve I felt when the cage was being removed however I’ll be honest: a weird feeling overcame me for second as it felt like a friend was being taken away. I know it sounds crazy and I can’t really explain it except to say my mind was somewhere else as I pictured all the cum dribbling from the ruined ones she wouldn’t let me finish.

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