BDSM, The Cell

My Punishment – Solitary confinement…

The Cell is the latest addition to my ever expanding BDSM play space in Toronto. The inclusion of The Cell in a session opens up many new opportunities for BDSM scenarios e.g long, lonely solitary confinement as a punishment for those who over-step the line. As you will read in the following account of this chastity slave’s sentence that was carried out recently, it’s far from a comfortable situation to find oneself in…

bdsm toronto8th December, 2016 Morning

I am sitting on a very sore bottom 18 days into chastity dripping precum and as horny as hell to write this account of a session last night with Chastity Goddess, as she has instructed me to do.

18 days ago I accepted a contract from Goddess to return to chastity for a further 30 days, having previously served chastity sentences of 28 and 31 days previously. About 5 days ago I foolishly paid Goddess an unsolicited compliment referencing her derriere in a morning email containing my daily proof of lockup photo, I should have known better.

Within a short period of time an emailed rebuke came from Goddess, accompanied by an amended contract stating that Goddess had added an additional 25 days to the 30 day sentence; this means that as of today I have a further 37 days to serve locked in my Birdlocked device and also have to pay an additional fee for the privilege of being in chastity to Goddess. Although the contract states that Goddess can milk me if she sees fit she has never done so yet and I just know in my mind that it’s not going to happen. For whatever reason bet known to Goddess, chastity in my case means not cumming.

I thought I was getting of lightly given my remark, after all it could easily have been an additional 30 days; I was wrong, additional chastity was only part of the punishment. A few days ago I received fro Goddess further instructions to be at the dungeon at 4.30pm last night to complete the additional punishment, namely; completing a series of labor tasks fitting shackles in the dungeon, receive 50 severe strokes of the cane and lastly serve 6 hours confined in full body shackles in her confinement cell, a picture of which is on Goddess’s Twitter page. She also awarded me monetary penalties including a generous donation to buy toys for kids at Christmas.

Last night I arrived punctually and was greeted by Goddess dressed in tight black pants and in a down to business mood. Goddess told me the tasks to be completed and then left me alone in the dungeon to do so. When I finished about an hour later as instructed on knocked on the door and Goddess reappeared and told me to get undressed. She immediately hooded and gagged me with a rubber penis gag and then proceeded to fit me with a complete set of heavy iron shackles consisting of a heavy steel collar, wrist shackles and ankle shackles connected by a chain to the collar and each shackle independently locked with a strong high quality padlock. The shackles are professionally made of 1/4″ steel and painted black; they are very heavy and confining with the wrists locked onto the connecting chain at nipple level and the ankles on a 9″ hobble chain. Once in the shackles you realize you are completely helpless and at the mercy of Goddess.

Without further ado Goddess blindfolded me and led me by the connecting chain to the cross where she tightly secured me by the waist facing in, butt out. I heard Goddess walk to where I knew the canes were, she came back and said “fifty strokes”. A moment later the first stroke landed hard across the centre of my buttocks with a heavy cane. I knew what was coming, a number of strokes with a heavy cane to raise large welts followed by the remaining strokes from a thinner longer cane to provide incredible sting and break the skin. Sure enough 15 strokes with the heavy cane and 35 strokes from the dreaded junior cane, each stroke from which is like a red hot knife, all across the centre of the buttocks administered hard and with precision and no words. I had no choice but to take the punishment and knew it was deserved. I also knew that Goddess could quite as easily given me 100-150 strokes, so 50 was a light sentence for which, I was grateful.

The caning finished, my waist strap was untied and Goddess immediately led me into the cell and old me to sit down, which was hard to do in the shackles. I could feel Goddess fitting a wall shackle to my left ankle, which I knew from previous experience allowed me to stand up and was attached to a 12″ chain. The floor of the cell is unforgiving cold concrete, but Goddess had provided a thin blanket, which was very merciful.

solitary-confinement-torontoThe blindfold and gag were removed and Goddess showed me the pee bucket to use if required and a dog water bowl if I was thirsty. The cell is fitted with a radiator set to 72 degrees, or whatever setting the Goddess decides and also an LED light with a motion detector that comes on for a short period if standing. Goddess showed me the baby monitor in the cell to call for help in a medical emergency only and then said “6 hours”, walked out of the cell and slammed the heavy 4″ thick door shut. I heard the 10″ bolts being locked into place and also the click of the heavy padlocks that secured the bolts.

My mind raced. I was sitting naked and shackled with a very sore butt, (the welts were still developing and I knew from the continuing sting that the skin was broken). The blanker offered no protection from the unforgiving hardness of the floor against which my bloated blue balls secured in the chastity device also rested.

The cell is a former cold or coal cell and 6′ long, 4″ wide and 6″6″ in height. The walls and ceiling are solid concrete and the walls solid brick. The ceiling is lined with wooden planks from which hang shackle points and chains. There are three wall shackle points and a shackle ring on the floor in the middle of the cell to secure a prisoner’s balls or a spreader bar. No light enters the cell, which is musty, but not damp, outside road noise can be heard as the cell is located under the front steps of the building.

I started to count to pass the time, 300 slow count equals 5 minutes and I got to 900, (15 minutes) still sitting on the floor. I started to think about Goddess, imagining rightly or wrongly that she was upstairs taking a bubble path, drinking champagne totally not thinking about me, in sharp contrast to my nakedness and discomfort. I know Mistress sticks to her guns once a sentence is given or a contract agreed and that no one as going to come and help me and that I was helpless.

The cell is inescapable even without the shackles. Time passed very slowly, although set at 72 degrees, even at that temperature naked it still feels slightly cold, particularly on the butt and exposed genitals. I felt myself getting hard in the cage and leaking, but couldn’t reach down because of the shackles to stimulate myself as much as I could have with the cage.

The cage is an ingenious device, it’s made of silicone and very comfortable to wear 24/7, e.g. 55 days or more, but evil in that under no circumstances can you get more than about a fifth aroused before it grips and confines you, reminding that your keyholder is in charge. There is no way you can stimulate enough to have an orgasm or anything close. That was the least of my worries as I couldn’t reach down anyway due to the shackles.

I heard cars driving on the road and thought if only the drivers’ knew what was so close to them. The hood muffled sound a bit, but I also thought I heard people talking on the street at one point. I felt alone and contrite for what I had said to Goddess, but pleased that through this punishment I was atoning for my comment and could then put it behind me and be in her better books.

bdsm dungeon torontoI had no sense of time, but after a while of sitting the collar was getting really uncomfortable due to its weight and the weight of the chains pressing on the collarbone. I tried ling down but that was even worse. There is a small interrogation stool in the cell, which is basically a 2″ wide plank on 12” legs on which the prisoner sits astride. It is also fitted with raised portions designed to put pressure on the testicles. I stood up, the light came on and I sat astride the stool, that didn’t last long and the light kept coming on and off for no more than 5 seconds at a time. The plank of the stool drove up between my buttocks until it was touching my anus and my balls were being crushed – exactly what the stool is designed to do in interrogations. I tried standing up, but that was worse than lying down as all the weight of the collar and chains came into play on my collarbones. It was getting brutal.

It sounds strange, but it is better with the light off than on, with it on one can see one’s helplessness – the shackles, chains and padlocks in addition to just feeling their effects.

I’m guessing about an hour later the inspection hatch suddenly was unlocked, ( a 5″ x 2″) hatch in the door and I could also hear Goddess’s dog scratching t the door. I thought the dog has more rights than I do! Goddess asked how I was and I replied repentant or words to that effect. Goddess replied that I needed more time in the cell, shut the hatch and left. Time passed slowly, trying to get comfortable without success, horny and frustrated.

Some time later, About 2-3 hours in Goddess appeared again and unlocked the door. She said I still had 3 hours to go, but that I could defer that to another date to be announced. She unlocked me from the wall shackle, led me into the dungeon ad freed me from the shackles and hood. I was very grateful, but know she means it when she says I have to make up the remaining time. She never compromises on a sentence once given. She gave me a quick visual inspection of the cage to make sure the were no blisters etc. and then told me to get dressed and leave, which I did.

As I stand I have to serve my remaining 37 days in chastity and book another session when instructed to do so by Goddess. Moral of this account is be respectful to the Goddess or pay the consequences.