Edging and Orgasm Control

One man’s experience of the Serious Kit Milker: The ultimate in edging, orgasm control and teasing

The famous Serious Kit Milker Machine is the latest addition to my Toronto BDSM studio. This incredible and intense piece of equipment is very popular in all the elite dungeons in the UK and Europe and, to-date, mine is the only one to be offered in Canada.
– Chastity Goddess

The Serious Kit MilkerAs an upfront disclosure I could be the same fellow that wrote the 3-part tease and denial blog for Chastity Goddess. My experience doesn’t necessarily guarantee anyone else trying to recreate the same the same sensations.

Having said that, I have been intrigued for a long time with milking machines and the complexity of such devises initially created for agricultural use. There is something about it that naturally makes it a match with the male anatomy in a very obvious way, especially in a world with more and more tasks being taken away by machines:)

After learning from Twitter that Chastity Goddess had acquired the Serious Kit Milker from the UK, I instinctively knew that the day I would get milked was very close.

I contacted CG inquiring about a play session with that the Milker and was told that it is a very, very intense edging experience and that it will take longer than a standard 1 hour play as there is a lot of extra time involved on her end to set up the equipment and to clean afterwards. I totally understood and booked an appointment the next day.

I drove to her house (her dungeon being her entire basement) with a huge bulge in my paints for what felt like hours – like a very kinky foreplay. I was completely occupied with what was going to be playing out soon.

I was greeted by Chastity Goddess in a super glossy black latex outfit with a short mini skirt exposing her beautiful legs. I’m telling you, my reaction to that impression made my bulge feel embarrassing large and twitchy.

On the way to the downstairs playroom I mentioned to CG that I was nervous which she replied that she was nervous as well as she had only received it a couple of weeks prior and had not yet become completely comfortable with it as it is very complex, and the learning curve was huge. Oh my gosh, I loved this. It doesn’t get much more exciting … feeling as if she was a closer partner than a normal Pro in the mischievous adventure that was going to play out in a minute.

As I walked into the change room / washroom she pointed to the small table in the room telling me to put on the chastity cage that she laid out for me. I was curious why she made me put it on for a milking session we had agreed to.

I must say that I love steel chastity cages especially after my last experience I had with it and CG.

So, I dropped my clothes washed up and grabbed the cage and ring. Oh No… the cage was half the size of my totally erect rod. I panicked again just like the last time, but I was so far off in matching sizes that I seriously freaked out and was ready to tell her it would not be possible. How embarrassing it would be to have to admit to her that I had no control over my erection at that time. I started swearing and walked to the sink running ice cold water for about 3 minutes to cool it off for consumption by the cage that was also being chilled by the water. I managed to get it on with a super erect victim throbbing – protesting being caged again. lol

As I walked out of the change room I noticed a very sexy looking see thru night robe hanging on the inside of the door. I got an immediate confirmation by the throbbing in the cage that this was sexy and that perhaps she used it for for sissy play which I have never played out.

As I walked into the play room immediately focused on the milking device. CG kindly walked over next to me and we discussed the workings of the device which was very kind of her I thought. She also laughingly told me all the trial runs she had to do in fine tuning her skills to operate it to its upmost performance, which made me believe I was going to get a beautiful experience.

I was just about ready to say to her ” ok, let’s get going now” when she asked me to sit down in the lucifer chair that she tortured me in not so long ago. I was hesitant for a second but complied.

After being strapped in tightly with stretch film and my soft parts nicely exposed to her likings she strapped a very expensive soft padded leather blindfold over my eyes.

I noticed that I did not hear any clicking of her high heels which was weird and exciting at the same time as I could not point out her position in relation to my body.

And then it started again with an out of this world nipple teasing driving me crazy. It was way more intense for me as the last time. The pressure on the cage was getting unbearable to the point where I was afraid that my caged buddy would get physically hurt and had to call out Red.

I must have been dry shooting three times or more while she relentlessly changed her teasing approach from nipple teasing to using different toys that teased my swollen testicles and bulging caged head.

I was trying so hard to discharge but felt it being pinched by the ring trapping my balls that I was afraid I was going to break the stretch film. As I was telling CG about the unbearable torture she replied laughingly ” I have no idea why you are complaining. You knew what was coming as it’s not the first time”.

I thought screw you jokingly as she was taking me to another dimension now. She obviously loves teasing and I was at a point of huge frustration as I needed to unload so badly.

I was losing my senses slightly when she changed the vibrator to a heavy pulsing one that she put on to the steel cage inflicting new and very deep sensations making me want to explode immediately but without success. I was into a flight stage as she kept teasing on and on. I could have sworn that I heard sounds and believed I was hearing another female being in the room then suddenly squeezing my nipples hard while CG ran the massager at the cage.  The thought of being abused by four hands made me feel faint from excitement. RED was on my lips when everything stopped, and CG told me that we are now ready for the milking machine for experience.

(BTW – Apparently there was no one else in the room – it was all in my head)

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