Real life experiences in chastity

a slave’s encounter of his time in chastity….

chastity slave caged under control of his mistressI woke about an hour ago swollen in the chastity cage after a very erotic experience last night.

Was at a private pool party in heavy trunks for obvious reasons and ended up in the hot tub at 11pm with two couples who started making out with each others’ partners in the tub and me sitting there. Was petrified that someone would drop the hand to my trunks and discover the guilty secret.

All I could think of was you holding the key and that tomorrow I am to be caned. Had to make an excuse and leave. Pretty sure I was the only one there who didn’t get laid last night, they are all still in bed and I got the settee. Going to put the coffee on for them after this.

I love being in chastity to YOU.