femdom etiquette

Presenting Yourself to a Pro-Domme – Manners and Etiquette

Thinking of visiting a Dominatrix? Here are some hints and tips for contacting and corresponding with a professional mistress or domme

If you think that by being courteous and nice you’d be eligible for a free service from a Domme then you need to have a quick re-think. Make sure you understand from the beginning that truly experienced, professional Dommes don’t come at a cheap price.

  • Never ask for a Discount
  • If you need to cancel at least 24 hours notice is expected. Don’t expect to receive your deposit back.
  • Be On Time
  • Personal Hygiene is of utmost importance
  • Don’t be Personal
  • If you are Happy, show it! Feedback is always welcome and a written testimonial appreciated

Hope these tips will keep you on your toes when you contact your Mistress – Chastity Goddess