TEASE & DENIAL SESSION – PT 1 (written by the lucky sub)

tease and denialI would like to thank Chastity Goddess for a wonderful one of kind experience.

I am a baby boomer and have been playing in the kink bdsm scenes for over 30 years now. My sex drive and related body parts have been slacking off lately and I wanted to try out a new experience to test whether there are some underlying medical reasons.

I contacted C.G. and arranged for session of tease and denial which she advertises as a specialty.  The communication via text was extremely fast and responsive from her end, like a true professional.

When I arrived for my session, she was dressed in a beautiful high-end latex outfit and truly looks like what you see on her pictures on her website – even better in real time.

Her basement play space is extremely clean and fully stocked:)

I was lead down the stairs to a changing room.  She had laid out a metal chastity cage for me on a table and asked me to put it on.  I was concerned and expressed my concern that it might be to small.  She calmly assured me to call her for help if I could not put it on myself.  She calmly assured me to call her for help if I could not put it on myself.

With blood shooting in my extremities, I briefly panicked as the cage seemed to be getting smaller by the second. I however put two and two together and ran freezing cold water over it in the sink to scare the turtle back into its shell just enough so a could wrestle to put the ring and cage on! Oh, what an arousing and great feeling to accomplish that. Seemed like a tight fit all over but it looked so fantastic.

I walked proudly into the play area and was tied down on a piece of interesting furniture, siting with my legs spread and my arms stretched at shoulder level while being restrained using packing wrap to immobilize parts of my body C.G. asked if I was also interested in trying some electro stimulus if time allowed, which I agreed to as I drooled at the thought. At that stage my mind would have almost agreed to anything as I was pretty much at full mercy of C.G.

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