My Love of Latex

I’ve had a huge fetish for latex from the first time I saw someone wearing it on the cover of Skin Two magazine about 25 years ago. Hence my large collection of personal latex clothing.

Fetish clothing – like corsets and high heels – is beautiful to watch and latex is no exception. Well fitted latex acts like shape-wear, smoothing out bumps and enhancing curves in the right places – I personally think all body types are suited and if it’s worn in a tasteful way can earn the right kind of attention.

Its transformative affect is empowering for women both in the fetish scene and for those who dare to wear it as fashion item. Whether it’s a catsuit or a pencil skirt, you will look totally amazing and you’ll feel like a super-hero.

I love to wear latex in session: its sensual and erotic look, its beautifully enhancing fit and the deep heady aroma puts me in precisely the right mood and always adds the right amount of erotic tease.

latex fetish toronto

Along with being visually enticing there are other sensorial elements too: the feeling, the sound and the smell of the latex are a delight to all senses.

My dungeon is equipped for rubber play (although I’m always looking to add to my collection) and the possibilities for sensory deprivation are endless when bondage is brought into the mix. For my clients who are latex/rubber fetishists or who would like to experiment with heavy rubber, I have my vac bed (seen in this post here), strait jacket (shown in the photo), arm binder, body bag (seen in this post here), and hoods.

chastity latex

Of course clients who wish to session in their own gear can and do bring their own equipment along.

Latex adds a level of transformation that aids us to detach ourselves from the outside world, allowing us to focus purely on each other. And this lends to the most wonderful experience within my dungeon space. One of the many reasons why I love latex.

Why do you love latex??