Locked in Chastity Day One

This morning I officially start a chastity sentence of 90 days without release on the orders of Chastity Goddess.

locked in chastity

My previous sentence without release, which I served was 72 days and that was really tough, so this is going to be challenge and one I will complete.

I was actually locked up last night by Goddess at 9pm, but part days don’t count. Woke up this morning already horny and leaking precum, I will have to get used to it as I know from my past experiences the sudden leaking at anytime of the day will increase in volume as the body adjusts to the situation.

Looking forward to being locked up over the summer with trepidation – so many hot women out there in their summer clothes and me impotent in chastity. Going to also have to adjust to the washroom experience, no more urinals and a sure cure for leaving the toilet seat up.

These thoughts are how I feel right now. CG has control and I know won’t release me early, such is life.

I was also caned last night by Goddess and know there will be more to come of that as I serve my sentence.