In my last blog I discussed the Violet Wand,  in this blog I will discuss my favorite type of electro-play and that is electro stimulation i.e the use of electrical current for sexual stimulation. During the past couple of years this has become more and more popular which is not really surprising as there are quite a lot of nerves in your private parts. In fact many more than in other regions of your body, that’s why you’re so sensitive there – and with a properly tuned stimulator, you can tingle each of these nerves into ecstasy.

That might sound pretty scary but, when administered by someone trained such as myself, and the right equipment, electro stimulation is both safe and incredibly pleasurable.

electro play electro stimulation devices owned by toronto mistress Chastity Goddess

How Does Electro Stimulation Work?

Electro stimulation passes a low-voltage current through your body to stimulate your erogenous zones. If you’ve ever tried a TENS machine for muscle pain, you’ll have some idea as to how stimulators work. If you found your experiences with those sorts of devices to be uncomfortable, that doesn’t mean you can expect the same experience with electro-sex toys. These sex toys are designed to be used on low levels, so stimulation feels less prickly and more sensual.

The mild electrical current sensitises your body to improve your erotic response by gently shocking the sensitive nerve endings under your skin. Shocking your nerves makes them more alert so that your body has a heightened response to touch..

What Does Electro Stimulation Feel Like? Is it Painful?

There are different levels of electro stimulation.On lower levels it feels like a vibration-like tickle accompanied by throbbing muscle contractions. The throbbing becomes more intense at higher levels and the tickle develops into a prickle that feels similar to pins and needles. For most people, the aim is to find the level that creates pleasurable contractions in your erotic muscles.

However, there are those who prefer a more intense painful experience and that can be experienced as well.

cock and ball therapy with electro stimulation

What is the Difference Between Electra Stimulation machines and TENS Machines?

Electrical units such as Erostek or E-stim are programmed for intimate stimulation and create stronger erotic sensations than the regular TENS. They also have a wide variety of compatible electrodes shaped and sized specifically for intimate stimulation for the penis, inside the vagina or the anus. They can be used to stimulate one area or different areas simultaneously.

extreme restraints e-stim and chastity

Electro Lockdown Estim Male Chastity Cage
(Pic from Extreme Restraints website)

There is a whole range of things that can done to take you to a fast and heavy climax. Either steadily maintaining a slowly spreading tingling sensation that will keep you happy for hours, or in some cases administer intense pain. Whichever way you like it.

If you are the sexually adventurous type, a sucker for sensation play or a straight up masochist and you have not yet tried electro stimulation, I strongly recommend you do. And, why not with me using my start of the art e-stim equipment in Toronto, Canada? My Contact Details can be found here.