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Part 2. Caged, Confined and Caned

Slave’s endurance levels are tested as he continues his 90 days in chastity – part 1 can be read here

Last week I attended a long session with Chastity Goddess, which I can only write about now, due to the time it has taken to fully recover due to the physical and mental intensity. Not a complaint, rather a compliment to the Goddess’s understanding of the most effective ways to break a male’s lustful habits and chronic masturbation.

bdsm toronto I reported to the dungeon at lunchtime as arranged. Almost immediately I found myself naked under CG’s directions and tightly hooded. Next heavy shackles were placed on my writers behind my back and I was immediately led to the cell. A very heavy leg shackle attached to the wall on a 12″ chain was placed on my left ankle and a bottle of water and an egg sandwich put on the floor, together with a small rough blanket. No conversation save my being informed I would be in there for between 3 and 4 hours and CG would not be checking up on me, boy was she true to her word. The door was closed and I heard the heavy bolts being slide into place. The cell was pitch black, the floor slightly damp and gritty on my feet. I heard CG leave the dungeon, although the hood has internal ear flaps, which makes hearing anything very difficult. I stood there for a while contemplating my fate. CG had told me that I would be caned when released, it was inevitable, once she says something she delivers.

I had only been in chastity less than a week so initially I felt horny standing there, trying to get aroused, the cage soon curtails that. To pass the time I started to count, thousand and one, thousand and two until I got to three hundred, I.e. Five minutes, same again until I knew fifteen minutes had passed, but that got boring.

Decided to sit down, which I did with difficulty using on the blanket. Don’t know how long I sat there, it was uncomfortable with the heavy wrist shackles and I couldn’t lean back on the wall admit felt cold and damp, after all it was a dungeon.

Manoeuvred and picked up the sandwich and with great difficulty broke of small pieces behind my back and twisting my shackled wrists up behind my back was just able to feed the pieces into my mouth though the 1″ circular mouthpiece. I recall thinking how many slaves in this same hood had experienced a penis inserted though the same orifice. Took a while to eat the sandwich and then I did the same and drank the bottle of water sip by sip.

I had no idea what time it was, but decided I would be more comfortable if I upturned and sat on the piss bucket. Sat there for what seemed ages before I had to pee. Held off for as long as I could and used the bucket for its intended purpose. Of course I could no longer sit on the bucket and spent the rest of the entire time standing very uncomfortably for what seemed forever.

Time passed very slowly, it truly is the worst kind of punishment, was looking forward to being caned just to get out of the cell. Eventually I heard CG’s footsteps in the dungeon, the door was opened, I was blinded by the light. She told me it had been 4 hours. She immediately unshackled my ankle and wrists and placed me on the cross secured by the wrists and waist. Almost immediately she gave me 40 strokes of the heavy cane in sets of 10 applied rapidly. It hurt like hell but the cell was worse.

After emptying and cleaning the bucket, still in chastity with my 90 day sentence left to complete, I left and drove home with a sore bottom and still reeling from the isolation of the cell.

CG is a serious chastity professional.