BDSM for Beginners

BDSM is an acronym and stands for: Bondage, Discipline, Domination and Submission, Sadism, Masochism. BDSM can be interpreted in many ways and I think that the acronym can really only be used for introductory purposes because, as anyone who has any experience in the area will know, people’s kinks are far more complex than a

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My Love of Latex

I’ve had a huge fetish for latex from the first time I saw someone wearing it on the cover of Skin Two magazine about 25 years ago. Hence my large collection of personal latex clothing. Fetish clothing – like corsets and high heels – is beautiful to watch and latex is no exception. Well fitted

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E-Stim and Electro-Play

My Erostek 312 unit is a little beauty and is the very best power unit around for electro-play. Gosh I have fun with my clients! I consider myself a very lucky Mistress as I have so many opportunities to indulge myself in my long-term fetish for BDSM equipment. Electro-play is high up on my list of preferred activities and quite

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A Sub’s First Visit

I had not been to see a professional Domme in many years after being fairly active in the scene for a number of years in the past. I contacted Goddess and, after some back and forth with Her, and the appropriate corrections, scheduled a  90 minute session. She answered the door wearing a lovely red

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chastity, Sissification

Feminization and Chastity

What fun I have feminizing strong burly men in my Toronto sissification studio! Cross-dressing and the feminization process for men is one thing I enjoy; I absolutely adore creating an entirely new femme persona using a mix of the most elegant fetish clothing known to womankind, along with a few other tricks of the trade 😉

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