Edging and Orgasm Control

What came next… Part 3

She guided me to the Fetter’s bondage whipping bench which is a beautiful leather covered bench with a cut-out head cavity and knee resting shelving. It felt good even after she strapped me in, but it didn’t last long. Her pulling out the butt plug created a huge burning sensation and another huge throb in my penis.

Next came her fingers invading me and looking for my prostate followed by more fingers. I believe I was in a state of shock as I have never been exposed to that in my life despite spending endless hours with Pro Dommes.

It didn’t stop. As if the fingers weren’t enough, she used more and more tools; all of them seem be getting larger and larger and longer until I asked screamingly to stop and take the chastity cage off as I couldn’t not take anymore. (I had just shot a humongous load through the tied off scrotum into my urethra. At the time I was sure that’s what is was but afterwards I realized the more likely explanation was I was out of my mind at that point in time.

When I begged to remove the cage, the Goddess laughed and responded: “No way. You will come all over my beautiful furniture if I let you off now” Oh, what a downer. I didn’t have much time to digest that situation as my ass just burned up again when she put a big plug into it and applied a throbbing vibration to it that totally took me by surprise. It was like being butt f**d by a crazy person.

Finally, she stopped and as she was undoing the restraints on the bench, as soon as I could get my arms and hands free I ripped off the chastity cage.

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She screamed: “What are you doing? We’re not finished. It’s time for the Serious Kit Milker. And then giggled.

After hearing that I collapsed on top of the bench with my arms and legs tangling emotionless.

I couldn’t take any more and told her I couldn’t continue.

She told me that we still had time left in the session, but I didn’t care. I was done. I was both mentally and physically exhausted.

I noticed while cleaning myself up after the session that my penis had bruises all over from the metal cage and an hour later that I had sprained my calf muscles trying to break free from my bondage straps during the session. That’s what’s called an amazing, unforgettable session.

Thank You Chastity Goddess. Until next time.


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