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Sessions (Same Day Bookings Available)
  • $300 – 1 hour
  • $400 – 1.5 hours (preferred)
  • $600- 2 hours
  • $700 – 2.5 hours
  • $800 – 3 hours
    *Note: Deposit required for first time clients and 2 or 3 hr sessions
Extended Session Rates
(Combination of play time and caged/captivity time)
  • $1400 – 8 hours
  • $1800 – 12 hours
  • $3000 – 24 hours
    * A 25% deposit is required for extended sessions.

​All sessions include an initial meet and greet time to discuss our scene and get to know one another better.

Tributes are non negotiable and to be given in an envelope.

I am a professional Dominatrix

I am NOT a prostitute or an escort. My sessions can be sensual but I do NOT have sexual relations with clients. It is absolutely NOT my job to “get you off”.

​There is NO exchange of body fluids of any kind. I do NOT allow any form of oral body worship on the most personal areas of My body.

I will often accommodate a latex, corset, leg or foot fetishist by wearing items geared towards those fetishes but do NOT think for a moment that you will get to see Me naked or wearing “nothing but boots & a thong” in our professional session.

In My professional sessions I do NOT engage in any form of toilet games which includes: NO golden / brown showers or age play.

Anal play scenes with Me require that you have an enema prior to our session.

Although I enjoy being evil, I would not consider Myself a sadist. I also have limits. I will NOT intentionally engage in what I deem dangerous activities or things that will do permanent damage to a sub’s body. I do not do heavy CBT, or any impact play to the degree that it will break the skin.

​If all of this is acceptable to you and you wish to meet with Me, you may continue to my Contact and Application Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will you have sex with me?
No. I do not escort. That includes cunnilingus, fellatio and anilingus aka rimming.

Q: If I see you out  in public should I acknowledge you?  Will you acknowledge me?
If we run into one another at a kink/fetish/bdsm/sexuality conference or party please do!  If, however, I am out in everyday life, please do not approach me.

Q: Is the location discreet?
Yes. The location is never advertised and it is a safe, private location with a private garage for ultimate discretion.

Q: What can I expect when visiting your Dungeon?
Mine is not a medieval dungeon.  It is not what you see on TV, a porn or documentary.  My dungeon is sophisticated, decadently decorated and has the highest standards of gear and equipment.

Q: Do you take Toy requests? 
I have quite the collection of clothing and toys.  If there is a particular toy you would like to experience during our session, discuss it during our initial meeting.  In the highly unlikely event that I do not have a toy you are seeking, you are welcome to bring your brand new toy along for our session.