Testimonials for the Chastity Goddess

Thanks again for such a wonderful session!!! Again, hands down best anal play I have ever had. It is certainly the first time it has never hurt before for me. Definitely plan on coming back for another session when I am in town next (HAVE to try the serious kit stuff when you’ve got it up and running).

I have checked out Chastity Goddess’ website many times over the past year. The first opportunity that came up for play I jumped on it. I was so nervous as I didn’t know what to expect, but she instantly put me at ease with her easy going demeanour and clear love of toys and gear. Being a gear person, I really connected with that.

I greatly appreciated how she took the time to talk with me at the sessions start to get a better feel of what I was looking for and what she could do to make it happen.

She worked to fit all of my wants into our session and genuinely enjoyed playing (which is more than I can say for some who simply feel like it’s “another gig”) and showing me her toys.

Above all I really liked how her interests are driving her to constantly improve by learning new techniques and finding kinkier toys. I can’t wait until the next time I book for a session!

Thank you so much for an amazing session. I appreciate you and your art form so much. I haven’t ever had an experience with someone that could keep me in such a heightened state of ecstasy for so long. Absolutely amazing.

I wanted to thank you again for a wonderful session at your hands. As always, you made it perfect – you have such a talent for finding the right flow and form to make our time together memorable and unforgettable.

You new toys are simply amazing, and sounds like there is much on the horizon, so I can’t wait until we see each other again.

I was nervous at first, but you quickly eased that feeling. I couldn’t of hoped for a better introductory session, we tried a lot of things and had a lot of fun in the process. I learnt a lot from our session about the importance of respecting boundaries, impact play, sensation play and got to experience a real sub-space. You are a true master of your art and I couldn’t be more grateful that my first experience in that space was in the hands of someone as skilled and talented as yourself. I really liked being teased by you in the chastity cage, and the milker, you had me trembling for so long 🙂 I felt so vulnerable, expressive and never unsafe

Just wanted to write and say thank you for a perfect afternoon with you. Everything you did just worked so well (especially the corset :)).

It’s funny sometimes (but not very often) you meet people and you just click. For me I felt like I had always known you. May be it was chemistry or something? I don’t know if you felt the same way but … I felt very comfortable sharing my deepest secrets with you.

I hope we can meet again.


Just had to say thank you again for the best first time session that I could have ever imagined. You’re very beautiful and that latex dress was amazing on you.

Your dungeon was beautiful and well organized. I look forward to trying a lot of the equipment you have like gags and hoods. I want to try so many things and don’t know where to start so until I get a better picture of what I like I’m completely in your hands.

I couldn’t be happier with what you planned. I loved everything you did including to my surprise the whipping. The anal play was definitely my favourite. The mummification was a very good surprise I didn’t even think of doing that.

I will definitely be booking many more sessions in the future. Thank you once again for making this an easy and amazing experience. You are very talented and look forward to experiencing more with you.

Thank you so much for an amazing session. I appreciate you and your art form so much. I haven’t ever had an experience with someone that could keep me in such a heightened state of ecstacy for so long. Absolutely amazing.

Have a good evening and I can’t wait until our next time together.

Warmest Regards,

I just got back from my session with Chastity Goddess and my body hasn’t yet stopped tingling. As beautiful as her pictures are, they pale in comparison to the real thing. She is very friendly and personable, I felt relaxed immediately. Having said that, her strict bondage and chastity device left no doubt in my mind as to who was in charge. She tied me to her chair and teased me until I thought I would burst through the cage I was wearing. If you’ve never tried a chastity cage I highly recommend it. It left me feeling utterly helpless and totally controlled. Chastity Goddess has a natural talent to be able to read her subs body language and adapt her approach as she sees fit. Her play space is clean and extremely well equipped. I look forward to seeing her again and again.


Thank you for the amazing session last Thursday.

My favorite parts were:

The vibrator pushed up hard against the butt plug

The cock cage pulled down hard onto my cock with the vibrator pushed against the cage

and how could i forget the milking machine, amazing


First Impressions- I’m looking forward to our upcoming session but in the meantime I want to say thanks for how professional you have handled the application process and addressing my questions. Your gallery pics show a dungeon which is well supplied with the necessary implements. Such a refreshing change from younger ladies who try to run a session out of a hotel room.

I think the chastity idea really cements the dominance you have over your clients. I have never worn one before so am very intrigued if I can even get it on me. Cross that bridge when I get there!

Any way I am sure you are not on Trip Advisor but wanted to give you some feedback on my initial impressions of the quality of service you offer. AG

Thank you so much for the session yesterday. It was exactly what I needed. I think you’re right – it’s very zen for me when I see you, gets me into a very different headspace and I love that you find ways to keep me in the space for the time we’re together.

As always, I sincerely appreciate all the thought and effort you put into our time. I very much look forward to our next encounter.


I had the pleasure of meeting Goddess for a forced feminization session. It was the best two hours of my life. I was dominated with respect yet felt total submission I was turned into the little whore slut that I requested.

The Goddess is a gorgeous busty angle of domination. She could make me do anything a truely amazing Mistress…..


Goddess was my first experience with a professional mistress. She was very accommodating of someone with a limited knowledge of what he wanted out of a session. She was prepared with a list of potential experiences and was very open about discussing them and my willingness to experiment within them.

My advice for first-timers: go in saying you are interested in anything that even slightly piques your interest on her menu. She will run you through quite a few experiences, but she will move on from anything you aren’t enjoying, although there probably won’t be much that you don’t. She is an absolute professional. Warm, sexy and sensual. Huge repertoire of equipment and highly skilled in using them. Very talented touch and an outstanding sense for reading your body’s response to her manipulation–she seemed to know exactly what to do without me having to say it, sometimes before I even knew myself. I had an incredible time and left feeling drained, tingling and sore in the right places. I will be back soon.


I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you once again for a great session last week. It was great seeing you and I enjoyed trying different restraints and experiences. As usual, I appreciate how friendly, accommodating, understanding and warm you are with me – makes the entire session much more enjoyable! Also, thank you for accommodating my fetish with your wonderful outfit!

Goddess. Thank you for our session. You looked great. I did very much enjoy. It also was a safe clean environment. See you soon. And thank you again.

I want to thank you Goddess ! The first time there always some nerves I hope you will allow me to see you again! My ass is still buzzing

I want to thank you for the session tonight. You were excellent and made me feel very comfortable.

I apologize for the delay in sending you a thank you and reflection for our session a few weeks ago.  The session was something different for me and I wanted to take some time to process everything that happened and then provide you some reflection as I’m hoping we can build on our foundational session towards a next one.

First of all, I want to thank you for your warm greeting and friendliness during our session together.  As I mentioned in my initial application and contact, I’m not really about meeting someone (a Mistress or otherwise) that believes in degradation and humiliation.  A felt at ease with you and felt that you were “just right” in terms of being stern, but accommodating and understanding.  In terms of our session, I agree with your final words that I very much enjoy sensation play.  As we went through the various elements of the session, I very much enjoyed the time on the chair and the bench.  Although the vac bed was interesting, it’s probably not something I’d be interested in doing again (It was a different experience, but I didn’t walk away with a positive or negative feeling either way).  I did, however, enjoy how you developed the session in such a way that we kept building throughout and then came down at the end.  Was a beautiful “arc”. I look forward to seeing you again.

Goddess; I just wanted to thank you for the amazing time I had last Wednesday evening. 
I would definitely like to see you again soon. Our session has been on my mind daily since last week.

I had not been to see a professional Domme in many years after being fairly active in the scene for a number of years in the past. I contacted Goddess and, after some back and forth with Her, and the appropriate corrections, scheduled a 90 minute session.

She answered the door wearing a lovely red latex dress and high heels. She led me to a change room and told me to strip naked and lock myself in a chastity cage. I was told to come into Her dungeon area when I was ready and then told to kneel on the floor before Her. She discussed a few items on Her check list that I had questions about and then She began to take complete control of me.

I had expressed strong interest in Her vac bed and electrical play with the Ero Tek 312. These are both pieces of equipment I had never experienced before and was very excited to try, but was a little worried about the possible risks if I tried them with someone who didn’t know what they were doing. Goddess was obviously extremely skilled and knowledgeable about both items and definitely put me at ease about my safety. Read More >

I had never visited a professional mistress before and this was my first time and I really enjoyed it. I was a bit nervous but she was very friendly and welcoming the moment I entered through the door. She looked stunning.

With my first session she gave me a bit of everything and I enjoyed it all. Mostly I really liked being tied with rope and teased, the Vac-bed, electro and having to wear a Chasity cage for my first time. She also explained things to me before she started doing something and I really appreciated that. I had a fantastic time and already planning my next visit and all the other things I want to try. Thank you Chastity Goddess. – IB

I had my first session with Chastity Goddess a few nights ago and had a great time. She was very welcoming and from the moment I stepped into her dungeon, I knew that I was safe and in good hands. She made me feel very comfortable and secure and would often check in to see how I was doing throughout our session. Not only did we play, but Chastity Goddess also took the time to explain things to me and was very knowledgable about everything she did. Overall it was a wonderful experience! BM

My first visit to see the Chastity Goddess was so intriguing, that booked a second in less than a month. For both visits I was greeted by a stunning latex goddess, and she required immediate chastity control of my cock and balls. I had never experienced chastity control before, but now I have fond appreciation of them. Her location is very clean, modernly decorated and includes a massive assortment of toys and equipment. After reviewing my limits and requests, she took control and encouraged me to explore some of my soft limits. Edging and electrics were used both times, under her chastity control. I was glad that I had the opportunity to explore both and look forward to changing those to interests in the future. Eventually both sessions ended with me confined in the latex vac-bed, to a mind blowing end! our paragraph here. SG

It was such an honour to meet you. Thank you so much for considering and respecting all my limits and interests. I appreciated your calm approach and encouragement to try new areas. I think that edge play and electrics will need further exploring in future sessions. I would also love an opportunity to try your vac bed with the breathing tube on it once it is repaired. Perhaps you can let me know once you get it back? Finally thanks for wearing the cold latex during the session. I hope it was not too uncomfortable. You look stunning in latex, unfortunately my eyes were covered for most of the time to truly worship it. SG

Among entry I learned why the Goddess is a Chastity Goddess, a very pleasant and stimulating experience. As a sub, You feel instant compassion from a very beautiful and mature Lady. If you love Japanese rope bondage, You have found the Goddess of Your dreams: She loves to immobilize You very quickly, efficiently and inescapable, with a very clever method, that shows the professional manner of Japanese bondage Mistresses. Maturity comes to play in Her tie and tease applications, that delivers You into Nirwana. Your member will strain against the chastity device, with a very good kind of pain. Mind you, that the Chastity Goddess is not a sadist, but She knows how to treat a masochist. Safety and Hygiene are on top of Her agenda. As a sub, you are in very good and capable hands, I wish I just could have met Her in my younger years. Next time I’ll book a longer sessions, 2 hours went by way to quickly. – EW

I had my first session with Chastity Goddess the other day and I have to say I loved it. When She greeted me at the door She was looking very sexy clad in latex with boots on. Once I got settled She handed me a chastity cage which I was instructed to lock around my cock and balls. This was my first experience with chastity devices and I think I’m hooked. Chastity Goddess then gagged and blindfolded me and put me in bondage. I was at her mercy, in bondage, cock and balls locked in a chastity cage. She proceeded to tease me and as She did my cock started to fill the cage but there was nowhere for it to go, I loved the feeling of it swelling up against the cold steel of the cage. After more teasing and anal play Goddess was nice enough to unlock the cage and free my cock but the punishment wasn’t over. She strapped electro bands around my cock and had Her way with me using Her ErosTek unit and I loved it. All in all it was a great session and I wish it went on longer. Chastity Goddess definitely made an impression on me and I’ll absolutely be a return customer. I would recommend Her to anyone looking to visit a talented and well equipped Domme. – MJ

The Chastity Goddess is well deserving of her name. I had never tried chastity before but the experience makes me want to go back for more. With a wide variety of toys and outfits, the goddess manages to put you at ease very quickly. She promptly handed me the device of her choice moments after a warm welcome. The live tease began shortly after, although I would be quick to say that the tease truly began after the first e-mail exchange. With a warm touch, hot body, and delightful scent, the adventure provided by this lady brings a memory that will not be forgotten. Those in question or hesitation of a vacation from habitual experiences will find a welcome change with a visit to this lady. i Can hardly wait to experience another session alongside this amazing woman. OR

I had my first session with Chastity Goddess the yesterday and I loved it. I’m a complete beginner. When She met me at the door She was looking very sexy with latex and she has one hell of a body. Once I got in she gave me a chastity cage which I was told to lock around my cock and balls. I had never done that before but I will tell you that it is an amazing feeling and i ended up loving it! She blindfolded me and put me in bondage. She proceeded to tease me using her finger nails all over. She then bent me over and started to have her way with my ass. It was an amazing feeling, she used a bunch of different dildos and some sensations I never knew existed! Finally she started using her fingers in ways I didn’t know were possible making me squirt all over the place. We finished up and I was wishing the session was longer! Chastity Goddess definitely made me feel comfortable and not nervous. Super nice and honest. I’ll be back to visit her for sure! I would recommend Her to anyone looking to visit a talented and well equipped Domme especially for beginners. JS