A Sub’s First Visit

I had not been to see a professional Domme in many years after being fairly active in the scene for a number of years in the past.

I contacted Goddess and, after some back and forth with Her, and the appropriate corrections, scheduled a  90 minute session.

She answered the door wearing a lovely red latex dress and high heels. She led me to a change room and told me to strip naked and lock myself in a chastity cage. I was told to come into Her dungeon area when I was ready and then told to kneel on the floor before Her. She discussed a few items on Her check list that I had questions about and then She began to take complete control of me.

I had expressed strong interest in Her vac bed and electrical play with the Ero Tek 312. These are both pieces of equipment I had never experienced before and was very excited to try, but was a little worried about the possible risks if I tried them with someone who didn’t know what they were doing. Goddess was obviously extremely skilled and knowledgeable about both items and definitely put me at ease about my safety.

Without describing every detail, the session was wonderfully intense. If you enjoy tight bondage and teasing, you can’t get much tighter than a latex vac bed. Goddess was constantly varying the methods of teasing while I was immobilized and checked in on a regular basis to make sure I was ok. After it became clear that I was comfortable and safe in my bondage, She kept the vacuum on for longer and longer periods of time.  At a certain point, I asked if it was possible to extend the session to two hours since I was enjoying myself so thoroughly, and Goddess graciously allowed me that option.

latex vac bed experience toronto

My first experience with the Ero Tek 312 was very interesting. I had limited experience with a Violet wand previously and didn’t enjoy it. I wouldn’t call myself a proper masochist so I was more interested in the more sensual aspects of the device. Goddess explained it carefully and allowed me to ask for the intensity to be ramped up and down as she varied the patterns. If you get the threshold just under the level of discomfort, the sensations can be extremely powerful and unique. I especially loved the patterns that felt like tingling waves coursing through my cock.

Goddess is incredibly skilled at many aspects of tease torture and bondage and clearly enjoys what She is doing. She has many pieces of high quality equipment to choose from and has a very strong focus on cleanliness and safety. I would highly recommend Her to both beginners nervous at the prospect of their first visit to a professional, and seasoned players who would enjoy her many listed interests and services.

Please read carefully that Goddess only performs services that She truly enjoys doing. This is to everyone’s benefit. Nothing is more underwhelming than being with a Domme who is just “going through the motions” – this session was the exact opposite of that.  If you can find common ground with Her listed “Domination Services” and follow Her instructions appropriately, you will likely have one of the best BDSM experiences of your life.


NB: My latex vac bed is by Toronto based company Kink Engineering – CG