Professional domination for beginners

Professional domination can perhaps seem intimidating, but it needn’t be. Never forget your Mistress is above all a human being, and is willing to treat you as such – well maybe to start with anyway 🙂

Do you have the feeling that there is something missing in your life? Like there is a gaping void – could be you have fetishes that you are curious about that are not being experienced. You possibly don’t know what your fetishes are yet.

I’ve met a wide range of fetishists and also those who crave BDSM-  some are 40+ years old, who have waited years with these feelings and some are as young as 19/20 those that I think are incredibly fortunate not to wait.

If you’re not sure what you want or nervous then put yourself in my capable hands.

How does a session with a Pro Domme work?

There is always alot of discussion prior to the first session as it’s very important to be clear from the start what both parties expect. This helps avoid any unnecessary confusion or awkwardness.

I have lots of equipment and toys and for beginner’s sessions I like to give you the opportunity to try as many as you are interested in and of course as time allows. I suggest 90 – 120 min sessions.

If we try and you don’t like, we can move on. I’ve listed some of the popular session themes that are requested by beginners to the scene.

Different pieces of BDSM equipment are used to experience different sensations such as:


Do you like pain? (this encompasses such a huge amount of BDSM practices, I’m not going to go into any detail here, but two of the main ones are Corporal Punishment, with floggers, straps, paddle etc, and CBT (cock and ball torture).
If yes, how much, and do you know what your pain threshold is like?

toronto pro domme


Do you like the idea of being restrained? To what extent? (restraint takes many forms in BDSM – from leather restraints, right up to latex body bags, vac bed or straight jackets. Restraint also covers techniques such as mummification (sometimes with clingfilm), or shibari (the art of Japanese rope bondage).


Are you interested in sensory deprivation? (hoods, headphones etc). I personally make all subs wear a blindfold as I feel it helps them experience sub space easier/quicker. This is a hard limit for me.


Are you a would-be anal slut? This can include prostrate massage/play to being pounded by a huge dildo. I have a variety of sizes to accommodate this.

anal play mistress toronto


Do you want to be dressed in lingerie and ladies clothes? Would you like to have make-up applied, pick out a wig, and some heels, and be instructed in the art of being a woman? If this applies to you, come for a Sissification Session.

Book a session with me and let’s begin your adventure.