Edging and Orgasm Control

Part 2: Serious Kit Milker: The ultimate in edging, orgasm control and teasing

As I walked over to the leather bondage bed with cage underneath. Again, I was in a stage of flight and ready to escape but my knees were still shaky from the teasing, so I was glad to be told by the barefooted (how sexy) CG to lie down on the bed. It felt so good that I didn’t feel the cage any more. (I think it totally numbed itself out by than lol) The high-quality leather top is out of this world and felt amusingly calming.

As I laid down I admired the high-end straps that were attached to the bed and the milking machine next to it: all too close. It seemed to look different now. All I could focus on was the stainless-steel pressure cooker like pot. It had small red and white tubes coming out of it and a blue bag of lube hanging over it attached to some more tubing, making me feel like was close to intensive care unit apparatus for a minute. Very Impressive, intimidating and confusing to say the least.

As she strapped my hands and ankles to the table she asked very comfortingly if she should strap my chest down as well? I said, “no need, I will behave”. The blind fold came back on again and the switch flipped to on!

The machines clicking noise makes it very intimidating. I had no idea what to expect.

I felt her hands over my cage now trying to pry it off. I had forgotten all about it!

I asked her if it was off yet? She answered yes and giggled! I still felt every ring and rib impression on my flesh and was still in a state of confusion or total anticipation angst. I wasn’t sure at this point.

man having his orgasms denied while hooked up to milking machine

As she put the suction tube over my member she explained like a caring doctor that this is the large tube and while she explained I just about lost my mind as it felt like something put a lasso around my dick and tried to unroot it. What a shock!

The tube was pounding on to my lower pelvis bone, sucking in and also unrooting some of my pubic hair (guys should shave first) and creating a very intense new experience that was almost unbearable.

She took my blindfold off for second and asked me to look at it. I thought that was very kinky and kind of her. Oh, what an impression seeing my rod almost twice as long as I had ever seen before… I almost fainted again. (In a good way) She must have sensed my fear and quickly put the blindfold back on again.

As she played with different suction sequences and pressures I exploded a load into the machine arching my body towards the machine. I knew than why she wanted to strap my chest down.

She stopped and put on the smaller tube as apparently most guys use that tube. It is an amazing feeling having the stroke speed changed to fast which brings you quickly to the edge of climaxing.

I have no idea how she knew that I was ready again to unload but she immediately slowed the machine down and somehow created a head / shaft squeeze that is very unpleasant, but it stops you from releasing! It almost feels like a high heel is forcefully being pressed on your shaft! It seemed to go on for a while with CG constantly checking in with me which was very comforting.

I must have been at high low speed sequences for a while as I was getting very sensitive.

(NOTE TO READERS – Apparently this did not occur except in his imagination)

My mouth was getting really dry now from the over an hour long fast breathing when she told me that she was now putting a gag with a funnel into my mouth so that the next door neighbour lady that is sipping tea upstairs could come downstairs and feed me the sperm she had collected in the Milker. I said no f….. g way . She replied laughingly ” you have no choice my darling”.

I closed my mouth really tight showing her my disagreements.

She suddenly pinched my nose close with her fingers and turned the machine’s level higher, which put me closer and closer to an orgasmic state. As I opened my mouth to get some air, she shoved the funnel gag in – I had no chance to stop her. I complained and bitched but got no reply – only laughter.

man hooked up to the serious kit milker in canada

CG then changed the suction tube and tied something around my balls and penis explaining that this one that could run with E-stim. She also strapped on women’s bra -like piece of equipment with heavy latex straps and steel cylinders that went over my nipples explaining that these too would be hooked up to the Erostek machine. I told her I was concerned because I was told you should never run current above the waist. She reassured me by explaining that meant if you were running the current across the whereas with these, the current stayed on each side. I was very impressed with her tremendous knowledge about electro-play in BDSM and taking the time to explain it to me making me completely comfortable.

As the Milker continued to cling to my sensitive and sore shaft and head she turned on the Estim. She kindly told me to tell her if it was too much for me.

I don’t know what I replied to that question as I was just flipping out about the other lady and wondering if she might have been helping CG when the session started with the nipple tease. My mind was so confused and so many things were going on at once – not knowing what was real and what wasn’t. Then suddenly I felt electrical currents around my nipples taking me to a whole new level of senses and I no longer cared.

I told her that I loved nipple stimulating electrics, but she assumed knowing already I was a nipple slut. She than drove up the intensity of the e – stim to the point where it became painful and arousing at once. I screamed out loud and swore as I could not take it any longer and must have taken her by surprise as I heard a loud scream from her end as well thinking that she hurt me, but I reassured her it was all pleasure.

I was on the edge in all aspects of my mind and body at that stage. My nipples were burning, and my dick was over sensitive to any movement. I was denied at least 5 orgasms over the hour I was hooked up. It made it extra special knowing CG was next to me, keeping her coolness and enjoying it as much as I did.

While she was unstrapping me, she told me that by the next time she would have the anal probe and tube for the testicles making it even more incredible because the electric current would start anally to the tip of the shaft and run continually back and forth.

I left the session in a real subspace and a very limp penis. (CG asked me if I was okay to drive which I replied yes but she suggested I should go grab a coffee and donut and relax for a bit before driving for a long time which was very good advice.)

When I returned home I was getting a little worried about my lifeless member when I received an email from CG with a picture and video clip from our adventure. Immediately I became hard. Apparently, that was all that was needed to reset my “soldier” and bring him back to life.

Addendum: This was an incredible experience. I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys tease and denial or being edged /orgasm control (with or without the electro play, although that took it to an entirely different level)

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Kinky Regards,

Chastity Goddess