Edging and Orgasm Control

Lesson 2: Never take on more than you can handle

dominatrix torontoFirst, I put on the fishnet stockings which surprisingly increased my state of arousal (first timer). The garter belt was no problem but also aroused me …. hmmm! Then came the high heels. I was only able to get into one properly as I got so flipping excited of all the new feelings and sensations shooting through my mind.

I finally sat down into that amazing black leather bondage chair with all the straps tangling loose from the edges. I was able to fasten my ankles slightly and then put the hood over my head. As soon as I put the hood on my body and mind and cock exploded into overdrive giving me extreme pinching pain from the chastity cage and fast breathing episodes with a high state of anxiety.

I was seriously flipping out, ripping the hood off me in order to reverse that state. I think it also does not help being alone in such a case, but I asked for it. I was ready to call it off.

Suddenly, I hear Chastity Goddess come in the room winch immediately calmed me down. She is so great in small talk while she strapped me into the chair to the point without any body movement ability from my end. Even my head was stabilized with a beautiful leather face mask and eye blinders.

The tightness of about 8-10 high end leather bondage straps against my skin and the still slightly burning ass from the butt plug along with a fully erect member pressing hard against a steel chastity cage was surprisingly calming. Perhaps my state of arousal was taking over.

The next thing I feel we’re two suction cups being put on my nipples which were operated by syringe type plunger I believe. The sensation was also totally new to me and I really did not know what to make of it so I asked the Goddess what this was all about, and she replied “this will make your nipples more sensitive. You will like it as you are such a nipple slut”

My throat closed tightly after hearing that, as I have very sensitive nipples. She was right about the increased sensitivity. For the next hour I went through from heaven to hell about 6 times by her only manipulating my breasts and nipples with her fingers. I have no idea how she figured that one out – she played them like a piano.

My penis seemed to get harder and harder every time she drove me to the edge and the cage ring seemed to slide forward, pinching my balls crazily hard, pulling on the pinched pubic hair. I couldn’t move my body and my spinster muscle as the body was strapped down and the sphincter muscle kept open.

Typically, I am a big wiggler and moaner but this time around I was not able to get in that state of mind as I seemed to have been in a state of emotion processing overload.

After the nipple play, the Wattenberg wheel was used all over my throbbing body parts and then came two rounds of different types of vibrator heads. Again, I expected them to touch the penis and the cage, but to my surprise she would not do that. She went to the scrotum and found some spots under it that “did me in”. lol

Unbelievable – I thought I would rip the chair into pieces to get rid of the cage to be able enjoying the best finish of an orgasm ever, but I could not. She finally stopped, unbuckled me and grabbed my hand, telling me to follow her with my blind folds still in.

My knees were shaking while she mentioned that we need to hurry up as we are not done yet. Fear set in thinking about what was next.

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