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Feminization and Chastity

What fun I have feminizing strong burly men in my Toronto sissification studio! Cross-dressing and the feminization process for men is one thing I enjoy; I absolutely adore creating an entirely new femme persona using a mix of the most elegant fetish clothing known to womankind, along with a few other tricks of the trade 😉

I start with stockings and stilettos (you’ll notice the lock in these photos, they will never ‘slip’ off in this case) followed by some frou frou – usually a skirt of some sort and then a beautiful shapely satin corset. I LOVE my girls in corsets. Then we move onto the makeup and hairstyling. Fingernails can be manicured or a pair of gloves really help to feminize the hands.

Then finally the piece de resistance: a shiny pink chastity cage because of course we won’t be needing the phallus any longer. Not while you are in my care anyway!

Enjoy these photos of my sissy in chastity

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