Edging and Orgasm Control

Edging – The Ultimate in Orgasm Control

I have referred to the Serious Kit Milker as the ultimate in edging but from comments/responses I’ve received, it seems not everyone understands what that actual means.

What it isn’t, is one having multiple orgasms.

Edging is the practice of being brought, to the point of orgasm, then stopping before reaching the peak. Why would you do that?

Edging actually makes the eventual orgasm much more powerful. The increased blood flow and sensitivity in a person’s genitals makes for a more dramatic orgasm, as well as the psychological aspect of wanting what you can’t have.

From my perspective, I like edging as a control method. It’s a way of toying with someone. That’s why I love the Serious Kit Milker and 99% of those who have tried it, love it for that experience. However, I now make the disclaimer that although it’s used for edging, some do orgasm, some don’t and some several times. Everyone is different.

There are those who like edging so much that they’ll keep doing it over and over again without ever letting themselves come. That’s some serious self control.

Here is some feedback from a satisfied client:

man's edging experience whilst hooked up to the serious kit milker in canada

“She took my blindfold off for a second and asked me to look at it. I thought that was very kinky and kind of her. Oh, what an impression seeing my rod almost twice as long as I had ever seen before… I almost fainted again. (In a good way) She must have sensed my fear and quickly put the blindfold back on again.”

“I was on the edge in all aspects of my mind and body at that stage. My nipples were burning, and my dick was over sensitive to any movement. I was denied at least 5 orgasms over the hour I was hooked up. It made it extra special knowing CG was next to me, keeping her coolness and enjoying it as much as I did.”

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