E-Stim and Electro-Play

My Erostek 312 unit is a little beauty and is the very best power unit around for electro-play.

Gosh I have fun with my clients! I consider myself a very lucky Mistress as I have so many opportunities to indulge myself in my long-term fetish for BDSM equipment. Electro-play is high up on my list of preferred activities and quite often I find myself introducing E-Stim to new, intrepid clients, who are eager to experience the world of BDSM with a mature dominant lady who really knows her stuff…

Electro-Play is all about erotic sensations produced by electro stimulation. The electric current can be mild to strong and painful – it depends on your level, and my mood *wicked grin*

Pictured here is an Electro Lockdown Estim Male Chastity Cage which has been connected to my Erostek312 unit. The chastity cage is just one of many accessories that can be used with the Erostek 312 unit – the unit is how I control the amount and intensity of electric stimulation being sent to the cock.



If you’ve read through my website or met me already, you may have seen me mention or heard me talking about Edging: [1] edging (noun): prolonged arousal and stimulation leading to the production of pre-cum but not orgasm.Well, this is what I love: teasing and edging you along in a state of arousal and guiding you through the most wonderful, powerful mind trip. You, completely at my mercy; Me, always completely in control.

Moe info about the Electro Lockdown Estim Male Chastity Cage

I invite you to read a very succinct guide to E-Stim by the gurus themselves at Erostek