Edging and Orgasm Control

Thank You Chastity Goddess. Until next time.

I had an itch to get into the playroom with Chastity Goddess to take a second round with the Serious Milker after such great memories from the first session with it.

As I am always looking for some different approaches I decided to ask CG to set up the beginning of my session by me not being able to see her beauty until I am all ready for her and also asked her to lay out a chastity cage and a butt plug in the dungeon’s change room as well as some stockings, a garter belt, high heels and a leather hood for me.

The idea was that I just had to put all these on and wait for her to arrive unannounced. Oh, what a thrill it was when she agreed, and I knew by then that it was going to be extra exciting for me but also perhaps for her.

An hour before I arrived, I got a message that gave me a way out and reschedule as her gardener did not finish cleaning up and was to be still around when I was going to arrive.

How kind of her and how considerate of her. She really cares so much about her client’s privacy which is so reassuring. So many providers mention it in their websites, but Chastity Goddess really does it.

I liked the extra hurdle of getting by the gardener’s presence in the yard as it was a little extra unexpected turn of events.

Another Session with Chastity Goddess

Toronto Dungeon


As I opened the back door to house back hallway, I did not see anybody. Beautiful …. it’s started 🙂 I went downstairs took a quick shower in a very clean environment and rushed to put on the cage.
 Oh what a struggle again, especially when the pubic hair gets trapped in all that hard metal.

Lesson 1: shave before using metal cage. lol

The excitement rose several levels when I saw three different sizes of black butt plugs laid out for me with a condom next to them. Typical macho I tried the largest one first… nothing but disappointment and self-inflicted pain. The next size down for me was also way to painful as my nervous body was closing the anal muscle tighter than an Irishman’s wallet.)

Here I was with nobody to discuss the issue, all ashamed for a second, my cock getting harder and harder by the second. I finally used the smallest one (what a downer for my ego) but the feedback from my penis was positive despite the burning from the expanding sphincter muscle. I was pumped to say the least.

As I walked in the dungeon, all by myself I got overwhelmed with all the high-end toys just staring at me which was totally intoxicating as I usually focus only on the provider’s outfit and overall beauty. Walking by the Serious Kit Milker I remembered that CG told me earlier that the suction cups for the nipple suction can’t be used as part of the machine is being repaired. I had no idea that she is now able to use three suction circuits simultaneously – she seems to be always ahead of my fantasies.

I finally found the fishnet stocking, high heels, leather hood and garter belt on a beautiful and very intimidating leather bondage chair. Looking at all that setup for a second, I almost dropped and fainted. Was IT a dream or fantasy. I could not believe that I was in the centre of it.

All totally new… my heart started to race.

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